Aluglass Africa

Aluglass Africa are a new entrant into the glass processing and aluminium fabrication market, however our highly motivated team have many years of experience in this field and can provide each of our clients with quality solutions.

Our aim as a company is to be a one stop solution for all your glass and aluminium fabrication needs. We pride ourselves on looking at each and every detail of a project and thereafter finding cost effective solutions with ground-breaking technology, quality, reliability and professional support. As a company we want to work with our clients and transform their imagination to reality.

All our employees, from the machine operators to the senior management, seek perfection with every product that we supply to our clients. We import raw materials from various reputable sources from across the world, complying with the most stringent international quality standards.

Glass Products

Toughened Glass

Offering strengths up to five times of annealed glass, toughened glass is an essential building element for any modern project. We can supply this product in various thicknesses and colour shades.

Key Applications:
Façades, shopfronts, balustrades and office partitions.

Heat Strengthened Glass

Providing unrivalled optical clarity whilst maintaining strong mechanical and thermal stress capabilities. This glass is ideally suited for façades and curtain walls. Uniquely heat strengthened glass rarely fragments if broken and can be easily replaced later.

Key Applications:
Façades and curtain walling.


Formed using a carefully controlled heating and pressurisation process. Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass fused with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film. Also known as “safety glass”, laminated glass is suited for applications where safety is the main design requirement.

Key Applications:
Balustrades, canopies, skylights, point supported façades and applications where high wind load resistance is required.

Interior GLASS

Utilised to amplify the beauty of interior spaces, interior glass can be offered in a combination of colors, transparencies and lighting. Offering unlimited possibilities, interior glass can add a contemporary touch to your office, home and commercial spaces.

Key Applications:
Partitions, balustrades, staircases, shower doors and mirrors.

SandblastED GLASS

Obtained by firing aluminium oxides at high velocity to the surface of float glass, this process results in a translucent surface.

Key Applications:
Partitions, balustrades, shower doors and wall panels.


This process allows for any design, image or pattern to be printed on glass. Suitable for interior applications, this product offers boundless creativity.

Key Applications:
Interior partitions, interior wall panels and interior balustrades.

Double Glazed UnitS

These units consist of two or more glass units separated by a vacuum or glass lled space, providing an energy e cient facade solutions and comfort to the building occupants.

Key Applications:
Exterior glass, façades and exterior window glass.

ground-breaking technology, quality,
reliability and professional support

Aluminium Products & Services

- Structural Glazing
- Aluminium Doors & Windows
- Building Façades
- Curtain Walling
- Balustrades
- Sky Lights
- Composite Panel Cladding

- Partitions
- Louvers
- Shopfronts
- Shower Doors
- Façade Specification, Design
& Costing Services

Utilised to amplify the beauty of interior spaces, interior glass can be offered in a combination of colors, transparencies and lighting.

meticulously chosen machinery, with careful consideration of energy consumption


Our plant is equipped with the latest world class machinery. Some of our CNC machining and cutting centres are unique to ourselves, in the sense that none of our competitors in the region have machinery of this nature.

Our machinery has been chosen meticulously, with careful consideration given to energy consumption, technology utilised in manufacturing and the quality of product produced. Our machines are capable of processing the most advanced glass and aluminium product available in the market.

Glass Machinery

- Toughening
- Lamination
- Glass Printing
- Machining
- Sandblasting
- Polishing
- Bevelling
- Shape Cutting
- Heat Strengthening

Aluminium Machinery

- Computerised Cutting
- Computerised Machining
- Crimping
- Protection Taping
- Routing



Head Office

1st Floor, Laxcon House
Limuru Road
Nairobi, Kenya
P.O Box 44706-00100

Production Plant

Laxmanbhai Complex
(next to Syokimau Rail Station)
Mombasa Road
Nairobi, Kenya
T: +254 799 511 717


For any enquiries, please email and we will get in touch with you.